About Us

The Welcome to Womanhood Survival Kit is your personalized kit to surviving those awkward adolescent changes and hormonal distresses while also aiding in the process of you blossoming into a beautiful young lady. 
Your quarterly survival kit will contain all the essentials you need to enjoy your process of becoming a woman. Quarterly boxes contain t-shirts, mugs, stationary, books, sanitary items, and more.....

‘‘Welcome To Womanhood: A Pre-Teen Survival Guide‘‘, is a girlfriends guide to survive those awkward adolescent changes and hormonal distresses. Written from a big sister standpoint, the book explains the importance of having morals and values in the 21st Century, and incorporating them into your process of blossoming into a beautiful lady. Issues addressed in this book include: gossiping, bullying, manners, respecting authorities, hygiene, self-esteem, and many more.